About TDW - our history, our passion, our vision....

In 2010 we had a vision, a vision for an independent and neutral company that supported organisations identify and adopt standards, specifications and software as well as develop Integrated Product Support skills to support complex aerospace, defence and space projects.

Our initial focus was supporting clients and projects adopt structured languages around the definition, configuration and deployment of technical publications. Predominently advising clients on the adoption of specifications like S1000D and DITA. Over the years our clients have asked us to support wider IPS subjects and we now trade as Tech Data World (TDW) to reflect this.

TDW is the only independent organisation that advises clients on getting the best out of standards, specifications and software. We have no CSDBs, IETPs, Editors or ‘heavy’ hitting tools for the development and deployment of IPS data and content, therefore we have zero agenda when advising our clients.

About the TDW IPS Toolkit

The TDW IPS Toolkit has been developed over the years into a multitool for projects wishing to adopt standards and specifications. Before projects invest in larger software tools like CSDBs, IETPs, Editors and so on, there are a whole load of decisions that must be made around standards and specification adoption well before investing in larger software solutions. This is often an area that is neglected and missed by many of the software vendors out there.

Originally developed as an internal tool to support TDW customers and their projects, the IPS Toolkit is now being made available as a commercial tool to guide projects on the right track. Already being adopted by many of the software vendors as the defacto project baseline imports, the TDW IPS Toolkit is the only tool that is vendor neutral and built on the needs of project managers.

The whole ethos of the IPS Toolkit is an industry neutral tool that allows project managers to develop key and core IPS specification requirements and exporting neutral file formats for importing into your wider tools of choice. 

The only requirement for using the IPS Toolkit is MindManager from Corel, a low-cost mapping tool that the IPS Toolkit is built upon. You may request your free trial of the MindManager software HERE or by contacting us at TDW.

Where does the IPS Toolkit fit?

The IPS Toolkit is designed to be used in support of your existing software tools you may own from the bigger S1000D/IPS software vendors. The toolkit is a project management toolkit and is designed to support the decision making processes of your IPS projects. Many software vendors will import the exported material from the IPS Toolkit.