Features in the upcoming public release of the TDW IPS Toolkit

The first commercially available version of the IPS Toolkit will include:

S1000D Toolkit

BrDoc Builder

Presenting you with all the decisions to be made as you start your S1000D journey. All BRDPs, Priority, Severity and BREX flags are options you are able to set within your IPS Toolkit Map.

BrDoc to XML

Once we have built our map we must be able to make it available to others on our project. If your preference is to work with XML the BrDoc is exported to an S1000D BrDoc XML file (Issue 4.2).

BrDoc to Excel

The reality of most projects is that the requirement to send Excel spreadsheets for review and comment is needed. A nicely filtered and presented Excel export option is available.

DMRL Builder

A heavy task of all S1000D projects is the need to define and detail the modules that we are going to produce on our project. The DMRL Builder allows you to visually do this quickly!

DMRL to Excel

Input from external stakeholders is made easier with a simple export to Microsoft Excel and you can share your DMRL. Many CSDB vendors will import the TDW IPS DMRL ready for work!

Cost Calculator

One of the biggest challenges around any S1000D project is the ability to forecast cost and resource allocation. The IPS Toolkit has built-in abilities to help you get there!

Resource Planner

Along with cost, we need to have a clear vision of who is doing what and when. The IPS Toolkit resource planner is at your fingertips, allocation of resources and gap analysis

SNS Builder

Another task made easier using the built-in MindManager tools and the TDW IPS Toolkit functions. Building your projects SNS structure from new or based on S1000D managed structures. 


Once we have our SNS structures defined, we need to get them into a CSDB. Working with the leading CSDB vendors, a simple XML structure is available for your tool of choice to import and use.

SNS to Excel

For those that require to have their SNS structures validated by partners, customers and suppliers. A well structured Excel spreadsheet is available to make this task simple.

PM Builder

Publication Module building in the TDW IPS Toolkit is easy and fun. Reading in the project DMRL Map if we have it available and allowing you to create a PM quickly & visually, identifying any gaps. 


Exporting the Publication Module structure out to your publishing engine is made possible with a simple export to XML function. Your publishing tool will be good to go!

CMP Builder

Working in the civil aviation sector and need to support the S10000D Component Maintenance Publication structures? Building on the PM tools the IPS Toolkit will get you there.


Delivering your Component Maintenance Publication in XML to your customer or suppliers is made simple with an IPS Toolkit feature to export valid XML.

S1000D Checklist

Built on years of advising clients on how to adopt and get the best from S1000D. Use the integrated S1000D checklist to make sure you have covered everything and nothing bites you in the future.

IETP Checklist

The S1000D IETP functionality matrix is a reasonable starting point, but it is now a little dated and does not represent the questions we should be asking today of our vendors.

Integrated Help

A fully-integrated help, online user guide and built-in library items will keep you going and make sure you are using the tool to the best of its ability and guide you to success with the IPS Toolkit.

and more...

At TDW we are already working on the next generation of this tool and including wider IPS tools to help you on your IPS journey.Follow us on social media to keep up with what we are doing.